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North Shore Rescue Held the “RescueFest Block Party” June 24th

North Shore Rescue’s smallest back road vehicle received as a donation. Mechanical servicing is done by another donor. (click on image to make it bigger)

Last Saturday afternoon in North Vancouver on Dollarton Highway in the parking lot at Deep Cove Brewery, North Shore Rescue invited the public to come to its fundraiser block party for the “Tim Jones Legacy Fund”.

Outdoor Project and Deep Cove Brewery sponsored the event June 24th for both North Shore Rescue and the Tim Jones legacy Fund.  The brewery created “Legacy 54 Lager” as a tribute to Tim Jones.

A variety of outdoor and recreation organizations set-up displays with their information and goods, which included a climbing wall and axe throwing targets.  Members of the public had the opportunity to see some of the equipment used by NSR and chat with its volunteers as well as bid on goods and training sessions donated by supporters for a silent auction.

A Body Recovery Bag and other contents in the Yakima overhead rack on the Jeep. (click on image to make it bigger)

NSR volunteers discussed the techniques and skills they use and the changing technology they employ.  First Aid Attendants may be interested in how chest compressions are done in the field by a portable machine secured to the patient while being carried on a stretcher by a team of rescuers or carried by helicopter.  NSR is using portable equipment TB Vets has donated such as the: “Zoll X Series Defibrillator” and the “Zoll AutoPulse Resuscitation System”.  (These items were not on display at RescueFest.)

St Paul’s Hospital and BC Emergency Health Services are conducting a test in Vancouver of the recovery from cardiac arrests with a much larger automatic chest-compression machine, used in an ambulance, in an “Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Trial for Refractory Out of Hospital Cardiac”.

An example of Silent Auction items at the RescueFest Block Party. (Click on image to make it bigger)

If the 2017 RescueFest Block Party in North Vancouver is any indication, North Shore Rescue has established a loyal donor base.  Legacy 54 Lager is available at Deep Cove Brewery until the limited supply is sold.

Rescue organizations in BC depend on volunteers and donations to operate, and over the years some members of the public continue to venture into the outdoors without sufficient caution and concern for the conditions, creating an ever increasing demand on the rescue organizations.

Part of North Shore Rescue’s Display and one of their pick-up trucks. (Click on image to make it bigger)

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