The Occupational First Aid Attendants

Association of British Columbia

"Emotional First Aid for the First Aid Attendant"

The training of OFA Attendants allows businesses and industries to provide a unique service by providing emergency pre-hospital care to injured workers. Unfortunately, for some Attendants the realities of dealing with human suffering and death exact a toll on their personal lives emotionally, physically and socially. As well trained as OFA Attendants may be in helping others they are rarely, if ever, taught how to help themselves emotionally after a traumatic incident.

It is hoped that these C.I.S.M. pages will be the start of, or a complement to, the understanding of the effects of Critical Incident Stress by those who are beginning their career in Occupational First Aid, or those who have made a career in this profession.

The C.I.S.M. program provides education, support, and referrals, to those who have been affected by traumatic incidents while performing their duties as an OFA Attendant

C.I.S.M. program Program Overview
  • Free support over the phone, within 24 hours
  • Free referral to other support services
  • Free education of C.I.S. for OFA Attendants
  • Membership is not required for C.I.S.M. support!

Contact Information:

Occupational First Aid Attendants Association of B.C. CISM Program
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