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First Aid Attendants Represented in the Safety Community

The BC Safety Authority presented its 2011 Annual Report at its eighth Annual General Meeting in Langley June 13th. The Safety Authority was created when the provincial government set up a private agency to handle its regulatory authority for seven equipment categories.

These categories include: electrical and gas equipment, pressure vessels, elevators and escalators, ski lifts, amusement rides, and rapid transit railways.

BCSA President Catherine Roome explained the role of the Safety Authority advising attendees that post-accident investigations may involve representatives from both WorkSafeBC and the BCSA, such as the recent sawmill explosions and fires in Burns Lake and Prince George.

Representatives of the Occupational First Aid Attendants Association have been attending most of the Safety Authority AGM’s, and were present at this year’s meeting in Langley.

Members interested in more information about the BCSA can find it on their website and this year’s AGM highlights will be added to it in the future.

The Health and Safety Community in BC is very diverse and includes: sports and recreation, community and society health care, community and workplace trauma and loss, and workplace occupational health and safety. We would like to hear how our Members work in the broader community.



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