The Occupational First Aid Attendants

Association of British Columbia


by Kim Kennedy

The City of Vancouver's Family Day was host to the 2nd Annual City of Vancouver (COV) First Aid Competition on May 7, 2005 at the Manitoba Works Yard. The event was sponsored for the second year in a row by the Employee Health and Safety Department.

The City invited Telus to compete and Telus kindly provided one of the two scenarios for the competition teams.


COV created an outdoors 't-bone' motor vehicle accident with three patients, utilizing two damaged vehicles, courtesy of Equipment Services. The teams tended to a non-breathing patient, a patient with multiple limb fractures and a seemingly un-injured driver.

Telus set up a fall from a ladder scenario in Central Stores with one victim having fallen from a ladder onto his partner below, impaling himself on a screwdriver into his abdomen.

Kudos go to Ingrid Dammers of Be Prepared - Trainers in First Aid Inc. for doing a fantastic job of the stage make-up.

First Aid Competition
Dan Kler, Kent Yard, trains and assists a volunteer bystander to perform rescue breathing on Beth Forbes, a patient bystander from Engineering.
First Aid Competition
Ron Enns, Sewers, assesses injuries
to John John Ng, a patient
volunteer from EH&S.


The morning of the event, the teams opted to mix things up by combining Telus Competitors with COV competitors, creating the three following teams who placed in the following order:

1st D-LOC
  • Danielle Wilkie (CAPTAIN) / Telus
  • Lori Potter / Telus
  • Dan Kler / Kent Yard
  • Ron Enns / Sewers
2nd Cardiac Kids
  • Alana Parkinson (CAPTAIN) / Telus
  • Sheri Shaw / Telus
  • John Elijah / Equipment Services
  • Camron Foulds / Sewers
3rd Direct Pressure
  • Dusty Steinson (CAPTAIN) / Waterworks
  • Peter Nottingham / Landfill
  • Robert Acker / PNE
  • Jennifer Irwin / Landfill
Individual awards were presented to:
  • Alana from Telus for Top Team Captain
  • Lori from Telus for Best Performance by and Individual Attendant
  • Mark Bakker with Telus for Best Actor


Thank you to all the volunteers that made the event a success for the second year in a row. These include staff and family from Telus for setting up a scenario, providing patients, judges and expertise, Paramedics from the BC Ambulance Service for judging and City of Vancouver Staff for being patients.